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  •  Type forinstance 'daisy' into box with that icon . You will see what is all about.
  •  "Super term" means "Asteraceae" in case of daisy ..
  •  Clicking there will take you to photo galery, with corensponding species.
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l2 term ♂,♀,... description link
602656 76135 Czech 1 Octomilkovití n
150420 76135 English 1 Pomace flies n

150421 76135 English 1 Small fruit flies n

150419 76135 English 1 Vinegar flies n

672023 76135 German 1 Eßigfhegen n
672024 76135 German 1 Obstfliegen n
672025 76135 German 1 Taufliegen n
100564 76135 Latin Drosophilidae n
670442 76135 Polish 1 Wywilżankowate n
692374 76135 Polish 1 Wywilżnowate n
238508 76135 Slovene 1 Vinske mušice n
698539 76135 Swedish 1 Daggflugor n

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